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Marine Waste Disposal

We are a MARPOL Annex I and Annex V facility and have the approval of APPCB to collect marine slop, sludge, CHT / grey water.

We are able to collect waste from all approved anchorages.

We are able to provide the following services in this area:
De-slopping or collection of slop oil, bilge oil, sludge, and other oily waste.
Collection of CHT water/ grey water / waste water.

Our capabilities are supported by an in-house fleet of marine slop tanks, a custom-built sludge barge, and a comprehensive fleet of land based vehicles.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Oil Interceptors, Grease Traps, and Storage Tanks

Our specialists thoroughly clean each and every oil interceptor or grease trap with pride and professionalism.

Do you know that oil interceptors must not be left dry after each cleaning?

Our in-house trainers ensure that every member of our staff is equipped with the knowledge and tools to perform his or her job competently.

Clear of Slopes

As another to cost-intensive disposal of slop or waste oil, GEA has developed a way to recycle the slop oils into the refinement or oil treatment method.

The benefits for our customers: associate optimum use of available resources.

Clear of Waste Material Water

Discarding waste material made aboard on a ship is one among the few tasks on a ship that ought to be taken utmost care of if one needs to same him and his company from significant fine.

The waste material generated on the ship can’t be hold on on the ship for a really long term and it for this reason it’s to be discharged into the ocean.

Though waste material are often discharged into the ocean, we tend to cannot discharge it directly overboard as there are some laws relating to discharging of waste material that must be followed.

Waste material on ocean is mostly the waste made from bathrooms, urinals and WC scuppers.The principles say that the waste material are often discharged into the ocean water solely when it’s treated and also the distance of the ship is four maritime miles from the closest land.


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